What Working For NoTube Is Like

Our hub, Graz – we’re effective, not busy

We’ve worked all around the world, from Singapore to Boston, from San Francisco to Tel Aviv, from France to Vienna and more. What we’ve found is that in many of these hubs, people become so busy that they lose focus of what’s really important in life. We don’t pride ourselves in working more hours than there are in a day, and we don’t feel proud of how many excel & powerpoint sheets we can create in a week. What we really care about is  being there for our friends and families and have a real impact in helping children effectively learn to eat.

Be In The Driver’s Seat

We’ve come a long way since starting with only one doctor and a student contacting parents in 2009. Most of our progress and growth has been based on a devotion to and passion for our core product (helping children learn to eat). And our creative team members come up with new products, ways to do things better and walking the extra mile for the benefit of our families.

We Are Family

As a family business spanning three generations, it comes naturally to us to treat you like family. Just like in a family, we’ll laugh and cry together. Above all, you’re in for one hell of a ride while helping to change the lives of hundreds of families.


Want To Come Work For Us?

What we are looking for is someone fluent in 2-3 languages, including English. Someone who will be able to understand the emotional and practical needs of desperate families seeking help. Someone who will be sympathetic with exhausted mums and stressed dads and still give them a glimpse of professionalism and confidence that we will be able to help their child. We welcome your application at any time. At the moment, we don’t have any open positions, but we are always looking for marketing & sales rockstars (including web design) as well as therapists (medical, psychological, nutritional etc.) and more. As we said above, if you can make a compelling case, we might just hire you, no matter what your qualifications are.

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