Media reports

Every year several media reports about the Graz tube weaning method and NoTube are published. A recent selection can be found below. Media representatives interested in our work please contact:  for journalistic inquiries.

Springer Link 6th May 2019: Speech is Silver – Silence is Golden (in german) The authors advocate the viewpoint that too much can be said at the wrong moment, which can disrupt medical examinations of children and adolescents. In a number of points, they state how the physician can become a better and more effective speaker by being silent…


Springer Link 8th March 2017: The feeding tube – a “necessary evil” on the way to orality (in german) This article discusses tube feeding in childhood, including advantages and possible disadvantages from a medical but also psychosocial point of view. Development of tube dependency as a non-intended consequence of temporary tube feeding, as well as the necessity for tube weaning, is highlighted. The role of the pediatrician is also discussed.


This dutch article titled, "Understanding the disorder from the child's perspective is the key to moving forward" was recently published in March 2023. It features Marguerite Dunitz-Scheer and her expertise in treating children with eating disorders such as ARFID and picky eating.


BBC Nottingham 10th November 2010 – Parents seek help for boy who does not eat: ABBC reports again Daniel´s story. He is an autistic boy from Great Britain and…


Natural Parenting Blog 8th July 2011: New Online Program for Parents of Tube Dependent Children This Australian Blog introduces the Netcoaching method for tube weaning.


Herald Sun 11th March 2011: At last it’s crunch time for Max Max is an Australian boy, who is tube treated via Netcoaching. His parents report about their experiences.


Daily Mail 19th October 2010: Bite by bite, girl who never learned to eat enjoys first taste of real food This article from a British newspaper is about little Tabitha, whose parents care for funds for the journey to Graz to…


This dutch article has been published on the 8th of February 2017 with the special edition Diagnostiek of Pulse Media Group, distributed with Trouw Als kinderen niet langer om medisch noodzakelijke redenen sondevoeding nodig hebben, is het vaak moeilijk om hen (weer) te leren eten en drinken…