Eating School

A two-week intensive therapy at our NoTube EAT Campus in Graz, Austria, followed by telemedical follow-up care will help your child learn to eat. Our experts in (early) childhood eating disorders work with you and your child daily and offer support for the entire course of treatment.

What do the Eating Schools offer?

  • A safe, friendly and varied environment where your child can learn to eat at their own pace and make progress in their eating development
  • Intensive support through our multidisciplinary experts
  • Daily meals shared by children, parents, and therapists in the form of “Play Picnics”
  • Daily individual and group therapy and activities for the entire family
  • Opportunities to engage with other families in a safe setting
  • Telemedical preparation and follow-up care to support the transition from intensive therapy to home environment

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Eating Schools 2024

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  • Registration 
  • Fill out and upload the standardized assessment med. paperwork.
  • Evaluation by our team to determine your child’s suitability for the program
  • Notification about the suitability for the program.
  • Dowload all the paperwork for the insurance/payment
  • Start Therapy
Completion of the assessment process puts you under no obligation to register or participate in the Eating School.


As soon as you have decided to participate in the Eating School and your child has been accepted into the program, you may choose the session that best suits your schedule. The pre-course will begin via our online platform one week before you arrive for the Eating School.

  • One week before the beginning of the Eating School, the pre-course preparation will begin via our online platform. 
  • The two-week intensive therapy in Graz will be conducted by our interdisciplinary team. You will begin and end the Eating School with the team and the other families participating in that session. 

Please read our Terms and Conditions for more information.



If you wish to extend telemedical support beyond the completion of the Eating School program, you can book our optional “Aftercare” program on an ongoing monthly basis (up to 6 months (until 35 days after the last tubefeed by stable weight)).

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FAQ – Eating School

  • My child requires a special diet. Can you accommodate it? Open or Close

    Yes, we can. If your child has a rare metabolic condition that requires highly individualized nutrition, you may need to bring your own ingredients with you. We can accommodate most food intolerances and/or allergies (such as gluten, grains, nuts or other specific proteins, any specifically tested nutrient) or religious dietary restrictions. By special request, we can also include a dietician in the preparatory or onsite phases of the program.

  • My child has multiple diagnoses. Is it really possible to teach him/her to eat? Open or Close

    This important question will be addressed in the pre-assessment where our paediatricians and developmental psychologists carefully determine the suitability of each child. If there is any doubt, we will ask you to provide us with more information in the form of videos or ask you specific questions that may require communicating with your medical providers to answer, though this happens very rarely. Nearly all of our patients have complex medical histories and are confronting diverse medical issues, like breathing, swallowing, motor, sensory, or neurological symptoms. We will summarize their potential influences on the planned transition from enteral to oral feeding.

  • Should I bring the entire family to the Eating School? Open or Close

    Yes, please do! The more your child is supported by both primary caregivers and their siblings, the more the Eating School experience will be like a special family vacation. Just like visiting new countries and new cultures, the adventure will stimulate new skills and facilitate development on many different levels! In order to provide as comfortable an experience as possible while maintaining current social distancing rules, we ask for your understanding that the maximum number of participants from each family is currently limited to two caregivers and younger siblings.

  • How does the cost of the Eating School compare to other tube weaning options? Open or Close

    The costs for the eating school are lower than those for inpatient treatment options. In addition to the two-week intensive on-site treatment, the Eating School rate includes one week of telemedical preparation as well as several weeks of daily telemedical follow-up care to ensure a smooth transition home!

  • What happens after the Eating School? Open or Close

    If you wish to extend telemedical support beyond the completion of the Eating School program, you can book our optional “Aftercare” program on an ongoing monthly basis (up to 6 months (until 35 days after the last tubefeed by stable weight)).

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