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8 Reasons why parents continue tube feeding

E-Book 08 Cover_ 8 Reasons why parents continue tube weaning

As leading experts in tube nutrition and weaning, we know you have your reasons for continuing with tube feeding. In this whitepaper, we discuss eight of these reasons. We will analyse these aspects carefully, as they are associated with diminished possibility of a successful transition from enteral to oral nutritional intake.

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7 Reasons to wean your child from their feeding tube

E-Book 07 Cover_7 Reasons to wean your child from their feeding tube

A medically unnecessary feeding tube can cause stress in your family life 24 hours a day; whether you are at home, near home, or travelling the feeding tube is standing in the way of your wellbeing and that of your child. Our team can provide the necessary support for you and your child throughout the entire tube weaning process.

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Choose the best tube weaning program for your child

E-Book 02_Cover_Choose the best tube weaning program for your child

We understand the emotional and practical, daily strain of lacking tube maintenance services and the stress involved in finding a therapist or doctor who is familiar with the phenomenon of tube-dependence. We would like to offer you a few objective facts before you decide on a specific tube-weaning program.

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Eating Schools: Everything you need to know

E-Book 03_Cover_Eating Schools

In this e-book, we outline the most important features of our Eating School program. Our goal is to provide you with an overview of what an Eating School is and what we do there.


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The 3 types of feeding tubes and their adverse side effects

E-Book 05 EN

Co-founder of NoTube Mr. Univ. Prof. Peter Scheer, MD explains the 3 types of Feeding Tuben and their averse side effects. 

Learn more about Nasogastric feeding tube, PEG feeding tubes, Jejunal feeding tubes and more!

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Saying good-bye to the breast


Weaning a child who has been breast fed can occur easily, or it can be a huge challenge for both mother and child. Since it often does not happen “on its own,” it makes sense to come up with a plan. 


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Choosing a tube-weaning program


We began the NoTube program in October of 2013, and 12 days later, we were already able to stop the tube feeds completely. Elis’ tube fell out a month later, and since then he has been tube free! He is a happy, healthy growing little boy, and he loves to eat!

Read more about the story in the free E-Book!

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