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Elisabeth Beckenbach, MD

Medical Coaching & Consulting

Elisabeth Beckenbach, MD (née Kratky) is part of NoTube’s medical consultants. She studied medicine in Graz and since 2011 she is employed as an assistant physician at the neonatological care unit of a Children’s Clinic in Munich, Germany (Hauner’sches Kinderspital Großhadern). During her student days at the Medical University Graz, she actively worked in the standardized tube weaning program of the University ChiLdren’s Clinic Graz. Furthermore she joined the research group for cerebral development and oximetry, which is lead by Prof. Bernd Urlesberger, MD. She wrote her diploma thesis and her dissertation about this research field. Due to her work at the perinatal center Großhadern, she got expertise in working with extremely premature born children and neonates in severe medical condition. This especially enables her to deal with the concerns of parents, whose children had a medically unstable start into life.