From the time she was born, Tereza received all of her nutritional needs via a feeding tube (first a nasogastric and then a PEG tube). She was born with a genetic disorder and a cleft pallet. As a result of the length of time she was tube fed, Tereza developed tube dependency, presenting with food refusal, persistent vomiting, and lack of appetite. Accompanied by her sister and her parents, she participated in an Eating School for tube weaning at the age of five. Tereza made excellent progress at the Eating School and was completely weaned from her PEG tube during the telemedical follow-up care. Today, yoghurt and various purees are her favourite foods to eat.


 “Our daughter, Tereza, has received her nutrition via a feeding tube since the time she was born. During the Eating School, she was restless, angry or even aggressive; did not engage in the group activities; and only achieved small changes. Before the Eating School began, we were cautioned that it could be difficult. Nevertheless, it was still surprisingly challenging for us. Her 3-year-old sister, Veronica, was a great support for Tereza and for us. Through the therapists, we learned what we could do better. We tried too often to fulfill Tereza’s wishes without thinking about ourselves. We changed this and learned to respond more to our own and Tereza's needs.

As a result, Tereza became more self-sufficient and learned to regulate herself. As soon as we arrived home, she began to increase her oral intake and eat small portions. About two months after the end of the Eating School, Tereza was fully weaned. Four months after the beginning of treatment, she was growing and thriving. She had gained 3kg!! We wish all parents and their children much luck, much patience, trust in themselves and in their children, and that, step by step, they will approach their goal!! Bon Appetit!!”