Moritz came into the world a little bit early and was born with a genetic syndrome. Because of his oesophageal atresia, he could not eat orally.


He had to be fed via a feeding tube directly after birth. His nasogastric tube was replaced with a PEG-button when he was nearly a year old. Although his highly complex medical situation was eventually well stabilized, he did not make the transition to oral nutrition. In 2019, his parents decided to participate in the Netcoaching program. Moritz made good progress in Netcoaching, but he suffered from recurrent infections, repeatedly requiring a return to partial tube feeding. In March 2020, his parents decided that in addition to the Netcoaching, they would attend an Eating School. There, Moritz displayed both great interest and considerable pleasure in eating. He stabilized his intake, made further progress in his eating development, and was able to be fully weaned. Today, he joins in all the meals and loves to eat.

Tell us about your experience with you child’s mealtime situation (with or without a feeding tube). What was it like before, during, and after treatment? How did you feel during the program? What was difficult; what was easy? What kind of changes did you notice in your child? Share what is important to you with other parents… 

During the program, I felt safe and supported. It was difficult at the beginning…feeding him less through the tube and knowing that he was hungry and that I could reduce his suffering simply by giving him some nutrition through his tube. But the mind knows that he has to go through this and that it is the only way possible. But intellectually, I knew that he had to go through this and that it was the only way possible. The transformation is unbelievable!

Moritz eats with us at the table. He can attend regular preschool. A normal life is possible for him.

He says: ‘Mama want eat’ - that is so wonderful to hear!!

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