The weight war – battling with numbers

If you ask the parents of healthy children who eat how much their child weighs and how big they are, most of them can only answer the question approximately. If you inquire after the percentile, their expression will likely tell you this is unfamiliar territory. If you then ask after the daily caloric intake, you will receive the answer, “I have no idea, an adequate amount.”

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Autism and Eating disorders

An autistic disorder (Autism) is a pervasive developmental disorder. Different disorders are collected under the term of Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD). ASD are characterized by impaired social interaction, communication abnormalities and maladjusted reactions. 

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7 Lessons I’ve Learned From Having a Child With a Feeding Tube

Over the days, weeks, months and years of having a tube-fed child, I have learnt a lot, and not just as a consequence of him being tube-fed for over five years. A lot of these lessons are generally applicable but maybe tube feeding sometimes makes certain lessons stand out more.

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