Weaning with NoTube – Our Success Rate

Parents are always asking us about our success rates of our Eating Schools and Netcoaching program. In this article you will get an overview of our success rates in tube weaning. 

We have been making use of our time recently to reevaluate our tube weaning success rates.Maintaining dependable scientific data to support our approach is, and was always, of utmost importance to us. From the beginning, we have collaborated with various institutions to carry out research to document, validate, and serve as a foundation for continued improvement of our work. We are excited to share the most current research results with you!

Results from Netcoaching

Between the year 2009 and August 2022 a total of 863 children began the Netcoaching tube-weaning program with us, and 746 of those children completed it. From these 746 children, 726 (97.3%) were fully weaned, sustaining themselves fully orally for at least 35 days after the last tube feeding.

By the end of treatment, another 19 patients (2.6%) remained partially tube-fed, eating orally but receiving supplemental nutrition via tube-feeds. There was only one case in which tube weaning was unsuccessful and the child was not able to transition to oral nutrition due to ongoing medical issues.


Results from the Eating School

Similarly good results were shown for our young participants in the Eating School with telemedical aftercare. From 452 tube dependent patients, 388 completed the treatment. Of these, 366 (94.3%) were sustaining themselves through exclusively oral intake for at least 35 days from the last tube feeding during the telemedical aftercare and, therefore, considered successfully weaned from their feeding tube.

Another 19 children (4.9%) required only partial tube feeds in addition to oral nutrition by the end of the program. There were only three children (0.8%) in the Eating School, which were unable to be successfully tube weaned.


Weare enthusiastic about thefuture and look forward to helping more young patients explore the world of oral nutrition with all of its joys and flavors!

Your NoTube team!