Sebastian is 19 months old. He and his mother come from the USA. He has had a feeding tube since birth and shows almost no interest in oral food.

SufiSebastian is 19-months-old. He and his mum are from the US. He was born with a VACTERL association and has been tube-fed since birth. His G-tube dependency led to frequent vomiting. He also refused food and showed a lack of hunger. In the beginning of 2023, his mum enrolled him in the Eating school. By that time, he showed almost no interest in food at all. He participated in all of the groups and single sessions and was finally able to increase his overall oral intake.

Due to his good progress, he received his very last tube feed at the end of February 2023 and has been sustaining himself fully orally ever since.

This is what Sebastian´s parents say:

Before the treatment, Sebastian was fully tube dependent. He would try foods, but not swallow them. He used to throw-up several times a week. During treatment, he made progress - tasting food, drinking water, exploring - mainly loving interacting with other kids and their parents! He stopped vomiting almost immediately.

I was a bit frustrated at times during the program because things were moving slowly (which is normal after 19 months of only being tube-fed), but also happy with the baby steps Sebastian was taking. It was exhausting participating as a single parent - and I sometimes felt I missed out on things (when I couldn't be in two rooms at once!).

After the program, Sebastian continued to explore new foods and slowly stabilized his weight. When we finally stopped the tube-feeds (about six weeks post-Graz), he continued to flourish! I don't think he's vomited once since Austria!

His weight is still low for his age, but he is energetic, asks for food when he wants it: "moooore" "eat!" and "pizza!" His pediatrician and medical team are thrilled with his progress (as am I!).

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