We love helping children learn to eat, not only because it helps the children, but because it completely transforms entire families. We’ve seen it over and over again. We thoroughly enjoy hearing about our families’ experiences.


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Aidan is from the UK. At the age of six months, he started Netcoaching at NoTube. He was born with a genetic syndrome.

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Zara is 15 months old and has been fed via a nasogastric feeding tube for the past few months. Her parents are concerned that their daughter might need a G-tube.

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Josie from Germany has a complex medical history and has had a feeding tube since birth. Within a few weeks in "Netcoaching", the transition to oral nutrition was successful.

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Anezka was born with a VACTERL syndrome and was tube fed. In May 2021 the family joined our Netcoaching program during which Anezka managed to transition to fully oral nutritional intake.

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Theodore and his parents are from Canada. As a result of bottle refusal and failure to thrive, he had to have an NG feeding tube placed at the age of four months.

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