Zara is 15 months old and has been fed via a nasogastric feeding tube for the past few months. Her parents are concerned that their daughter might need a G-tube.


Zara does still accept some foods orally, so her parents look into NoTube and begin the Netcoaching program in summer, 2023. Right from the start, she makes good progress. She quickly increases the amount she accepts orally and in two months, she is tube-free. Since then, she eats fully orally and expresses great enjoyment when eating and drinking. 

This is what Sebastian´s parents say:ZaraOhneSonde

Our little daughter experienced extreme weight-loss over the course of one month due to a series of viral infections and had to have a feeding tube placed as a result. She gained weight in the first two weeks thanks to the feeding tube and high-calorie shakes, but the weight-gain stagnated after that, and our mouse vomited several times a day for over 2.5 months. That was bad for her and also for us as parents. The doctors at the hospital only suggested we increase the amount of shakes, which of course only led to more vomiting. So, we should prepare ourselves mentally for a PEG-tube. That is what we were still thinking in July, that it would take a miracle for our daughter to ever live without a feeding tube again. We never would have thought that the Netcoaching program could really help, especially not so quickly. At NoTube, they first changed the plan for utilizing the feeding tube, which quickly showed success, and after only 11 days with NoTube, we could remove the feeding tube. After that, our daughter was doing significantly better. She moved around more, smiled more, babbled more, and started showing interest in food. We found ourselves still in the process of learning to eat, but our little one now gained weight without the feeding tube and tasted a large variety of foods.

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