Kalde S, Vogt M, Kolbig N, editors. Enterale Ernährung. 3. ed. München: Urban & Fischer; 2002.

The history of enteral nutrition and its influences on humankind – or, a picnic in space

The beginning of enteral nutrition is directly connected to the development of nutrition tubes, and their roots reach back into antiquity. People have been exploring the theme of undernutrition and malnourishment since the time of ancient civilizations in Egypt, India, Persia, and China. Initially, nutrient enemas were administered to people in order to assure an optimal nutritional intake. 

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Weaning with NoTube – Our Success Rate

Parents are always asking us about our success rates of our Eating Schools and Netcoaching program. In this article you will get an overview of our success rates in tube weaning. 

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The weight war – battling with numbers

If you ask the parents of healthy children who eat how much their child weighs and how big they are, most of them can only answer the question approximately. If you inquire after the percentile, their expression will likely tell you this is unfamiliar territory. If you then ask after the daily caloric intake, you will receive the answer, “I have no idea, an adequate amount.”

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